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QOTD 4/22

How big of a purse do you carry?

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Usually not very large, when I had my netbook I carried that with me everywhere, now I carry one that is just large enough for my gun and wallet. I cannot wait to be able to carry the gun normally on my hip again (doesn't really work well with elastic waisted pants.)

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small for me... it can fit my ipad mini, wallet, water, and a few other things but not much bigger than that. I do not carry one when i carry my diaper bag. so after em comes goodbye purse!

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I usually carry a smaller to medium sized purse. I haven't gotten a new one recently and would really love to go wardrobe and accessory shopping but that is on the back burner due to other more pressing budget needs. Wink

I have been trying to branch out more style wise in recent years and am not opposed to carrying a larger purse for a different look...I like the idea of being stylish and having an array to select from; changing things up daily...but I'm just not there.

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Depends. I'll going on spurts. right now it is fairly large (not huge) Or sometimes a medium to small one.

Its funny how much stuff accumulates no matter what the size though

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I rarely use a purse - I'm still in diaper bag mode. I use my PPB diaper bags and they carry everything I need for the kids and myself. On the off chance I do go out without the kids, I have a couple purses to choose from. They are all sort of medium sized.

This weekend I am going away for 2.5 days without the kids so I have to decide what purse to bring!

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I guess medium sized. I had a smaller version for a while, but I got a new one as a present, and I needed room for more snacks for DD. I just keep my wallet and phone in it mostly. But I like to have room for gloves, snacks and sunglasses. I will probably break out the diaper bag again, but I can shove a couple diapers, a onesie and some wipes in my purse too if I need to.

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I bounce between medium and small purses. I'm not a diaper bag person at all so when I need more "supplies" (LOL) I use a bigger purse that'll fit a changing pad, small wipe case, diapers and whatever else in it. I like the less structured, cheap ones from Target that look like "hobo bags" but cost like $12.

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Tiny. I live in the home city of Vera Bradley, so I feel basically required to use their products and support the company. For the longest time, I only carried the wristlet. All in One Wristlet | Vera Bradley

Then I finally graduated to the mini hipster. I have Limes Up right now: Mini Hipster | Vera Bradley this is just the right size for me. It has a built in wallet and a pocket for my phone. It's cross body, so I'm hands free.

when on vacation, I use something larger. Either the Vera regular sized Hipster or the Vera Mailbag.