QOTD 4/23

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QOTD 4/23

Any cravings or aversions for anyone at this point?

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It has worked its way out of an aversion (doesn't make me ill), but I still don't really want any animal protein.

With DS, I LOVED hamburgers and steak and all kinds of iron filled meats. With this little lady, I really only want carbs rice and spaghetti mostly(and every once in a while I want a toasted italian sub)

Not a fan of pork or chicken right now unless it is breaded and dredged in sauce like tenders or chinese food.

A good craving (since that list is short) is hummus and wheat thins, apples and lowfat cheese.

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I will eat anything. Haven't really had any aversions this whole time.

Right now I am still loving dried cranberries, and anything sweet. I made oatmeal pudding cookies last night after the kids went to sleep Smile

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My food wants/aversions are really mild this pregnancy, not like last.

One thing that hasn't appealed to me the whole pregnancy is breaded chicken nuggets. I don't know why but when I see them I just don't want them near my mouth.

I've eaten more cereal while pregnant, probably because it's an easy snack. I don't crave it but sometimes when my tummy isn't right it helps, so I eat it. It's also a good bed time snack.

Ya, my food wants aren't as crazy this time...not sure why I'm putting on so much weight then. LOL

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Breadsticks. Garlic and buttery breadsticks. Can't get enough. Still also addicted to gas station slushies.

Aversions: almost everything. Blah. I'm going to eat like a pig when this kid comes out and my appetite returns!

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I'm not have as nearly of strong food aversions as I have with my other 2 pregnancies. Some things I normally dislike are extra nasty sounding (like fish) but that's about it. As far as cravings, mostly just bread and turkey sandwiches lately. Nothing else seems to fill me up.

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I still could do without any kind of meat. Chicken I am half way on, but really it doesn't sound appealing.
I want a jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel, and some oreos.

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No particular cravings or aversions here...just have my normal love/hate relationship with food during pregnancy. I hate to try to plan what I want b/c nothing sounds appetizing but I eat to feel better. I'm always saying why do I need to eat so often; I have to think of what to eat again! Blah!

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At this very moment I am craving sweet and sour chicken and fried wontons BAD. Since Friday gaah. Really wish someone would eat it with me or just get it for me. I also can always eat a Italian special from cousins. Yum. I eat everything. But not a lot lol. Tho I'm hungry now.....

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Still loving sour cream! Ranch dressing has been giving me bad heartburn, so I have been avoiding that...