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QOTD 4/24

When you go out to eat at a restaurant, do you usually order an appetizer and/or a dessert?

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I LOVE appetizers, but don't usually order unless a. I'm starving or b. its a long, relaxing dinner

Dessert is rare too, except these days I want it all the time Wink

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We order appetizers here and there, especially when we're out with friends or have a coupon. I only order dessert maybe once or twice a year at restaurants and usually it's because I went there specifically for something (like fried ice cream at the Mexican place by our house)

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With a group apitizers but just me sometimes desert. Usually pregnant tho

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I much prefer salty/savory over sweet as a general rule so I'm into appetizers over dessert. I'm like you Ashley; rarely order dessert out at a restaurant. If we get an appetizer or not is not a consistent thing. It's usually too much food to have an appetizer and a meal, especially for the price I don't find it to be justified. I almost always will add a salad though if it doesn't come with. I love a good salad. Smile

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Only if I am out to eat with my family, DH isn't a fan of being in public spaces too much (unless it's something he wants to do pffft) so we usually just get the main course and go. When I am out with my family though, it is a long event and we take our time.

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We sometimes order appetizers. I never order dessert. We love to go to Applebee's after 9:00 for their half priced apps. We will go and order a few appetizers. We can eat for about $15 and bring home leftovers!

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Never dessert. Unless we are out with the IL's or something.

Sometimes DH and I will order an appy to share before the meal - or sometimes we will just order 3 appy's and have that for our meal Smile We rarely eat out though. Maybe once every 4-6 months. Usually just on a special occasion or when my IL's are in town. When we were dating we used to eat out more, and we loved those appy combo's!

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I LOVE appies. I'm totally a savory girl too. I can't (and shouldn't) eat an appy AND a meal so I don't normally do that. I might share an appy with someone but more often when it's DH and I we share and appy AND share a meal. It works out great.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I rarely get desert.

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We really only go to 2 restaurants now. One which has all day breakfast, in which case we just order our breakfasts. The second which is a buffet style pay by weight. At the second, we get desserts (especially since they have gluten free & soy free desserts for me Smile :) Smile ) which I can't say about a lot of other places. We also consider desserts if out with the family (especially if someone else is paying!)

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We normally order an appetizer but not always. I usually end up taking half of my entree home. Sometimes we order dessert.. especially if it's one DH will eat bc we will share. That said.. we LOVE Chili's and do the 2/$20 meal a lot and it comes with an appetizer.

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I never have a huge appetite (although its worse pregnant!) so I actually will often order am appetizer as my meal. It usually feels me up plenty.