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QOTD 4/29

If given the opportunity, do you like to sleep in late?

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I've never been able to sleep in very late. At very best, I can sleep until maaaaaybe 8:30.

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If only I could! I LOVE sleep, and I would love to sleep in if given the chance. Only problem is, I don't know if my body will even let me sleep in anymore. This weekend I was away and managed to sleep until 8 am - which was like WOAH! I SLEPT IN!! I miss the days when I could sleep until 11 am or noon and not even realize it. Now my body starts waking up around 6:30 am and I just toss and turn and doze until I actually have to get up.

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This entire pregnancy, I wake up around 7, puke my guts out, sip something sugary to settle my stomach, watch Netflix for half an hour and then Go back to sleep until around 10... Sometimes noon. I'm just so exhausted.

Now that we are back to doing school, I'm mankind myself get up at eight. Tori has one more subject to to finish up this morning and then I am going back to bed!

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I love to sleep in! Not that I get to do it much though...

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I get insomnia pretty bad most nights, and would sleep in until the afternoon if I could. DS is generally always up by 8:30, I try to sleep until atleast 9, DS is really good and sits next to me with my phone or something.

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I would love to sleep in if possible. Somedays if dd is with her grandma I can, latest lately is 10, which was rare. Otherwise I'm up At 6 when dd comes in my me.

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DH has been great about this. I'm also frequently up during the night. DD comes in at 6:30-7, snuggles and plays with me in our room, then DH takes her out at 7:45-8 and lets me go back to sleep until about 9:15. Once in a while I will sleep til closer to 10, but usually I just wake up after that extra hour to hour and a half.

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i love to sleep in and thank god ds is the same way we both slept until past 9 both saturday and sunday

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Haven't slept in past 8 since I was pregnant with my soon to be 5 year old. But I don't mind it.. if I can sleep til 7:45-8 I'm good. I realized that sleeping past that makes me feel more tired and like I've wasted my day. Before DS, we would sleep in til 10 or so and I would feel like my day was completely wasted.. of course we'd be up very late as well.

If I didn't need sleep, I wouldn't sleep!

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I like to sleep until about 8:30 or 9 and the boys will usually do the same on the weekend. I can sleep until 10 or so given the opportunity but I don't like to. I also feel it wastes too much of my day to sleep in.

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I've never been one to sleep in too late. Sometimes I even wake up just a bit before my kids do (not often, but sometimes). Today I actually woke up just before 6 (mostly to pee). Baby boy woke up about a half hour later (although he is now asleep in my lap, so he wasn't really ready yet). The girls are all still sleeping (it's about 20 minutes to 7 now).

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I try to, but usually don't sleep much more than 30 mins past regular schedule. I really love naps though!!!