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QOTD 4/30

How aggressive are you when it comes to negotiating?

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Meh, I guess I fall somewhere in the middle...I'm not a pushover and like to do my research and feel like I know what is fair but I don't want to come across as unreasonable either so I am willing to give a little to try to reach an agreement where both parties feel they were treated fairly.

I get really turned off by some attitudes I see in negotiating with the "get all you can get" mentality.

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I hate confrontation...so I'm bad at it. I can barter a little bit for sales/purchases of used items but don't do it much. If the item is a good deal, I don't bother bartering. There's a point where it's just an insult.

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I hate confrontation as well. I guess that would make me a crappy negotiator Smile I do sometimes make a reasonable offer on a used item that I am looking to buy. I recently bought a used dresser for the new baby - guy was asking $70, I said would you take $60, he said yes.....LOL. I wouldn't haggle with someone over things like that though. I always hated working in customer service and some people just try and get EVERYTHING for a deal, always asking you to throw stuff in for free.....ugh.

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I suck at it! I'm such a pansy and usually give in after the first back n forth.

Why I'm in analysis and not sales.

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I negotiate if I think something used is really poorly priced, like $5 less than new is ridiculous, but if its reasonable i won't. For big purchases I'm a haggler for sure. Really did my job with our van, kinda felt bad for the guy in the end bc he didn't see coming from a 25 year old lol.

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I usually get the things that I want, but mostly because I get mad to the point of screaming (if it is something major like how my car broke down less than two weeks after driving it off the lot) and people give me what I want. As far as regular purchases, I shop around until I find the right price for what I want I will try to get them to move a bit but generally I don't mind paying the asking price if the item is in decent condition, I tend to think of people selling things used in a tough spot and needing the money (which is silly of me but we have been there before) so I don't try to haggle too much.

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I am not a negotiator! DH makes up for me though, he tries to talk everyone down for anything!

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"Momma Leah" wrote:

I am not a negotiator! DH makes up for me though, he tries to talk everyone down for anything!

This is me exactly. I've gotten a little better learning from watching DH, but I don't like confrontation either so I tend to negotiate pretty mellow and to the point. I will get uncomfortable just being with DH when he gets going sometimes, but he used to be in sales for ever and ever so that is just his forte I suppose.