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QOTD 4/4

BTDT's: How is this pregnancy different than your other(s)? How is it similar?

FTM's: What has been surprising to you so far about being pregnant?

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Different: Worst m/s of all three, baby likes to kick my ribs (my other two didn't), lots of hiccups spells, way fewer Braxton Hicks, and I swear my skin - especially around my belly button - feels more stretched than it did with my others although I don't think I'm necessarily any bigger.

Similar: I feel great aside from getting winded a bit easier after my m/s went away, weight gain is almost identical to other two, carrying lower like I did with DS but more "in" like I did with my DD...kind of a strange mix

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Different: Belly is out front more. She kicks really low and only at night really. I have no cravings that I MUST have. Had m/s. Have Braxton Hicks this time.

Similar: I still want a little something sweet at night, constipation, heartburn

Overall, it feels very different. Not sure if alot of that is because I knew what to expect and the fact that I have a pre-schooler to take care of as well.

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different: morning sickness (didn't have any with DS). tiredness I just can't seem to fully wake up ever. I am not gaining as much weight this time, but I also started out a lot higher. I feel like at this point last time DS was really far out in the front, I think my bump is smaller this time.

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Ummmm ms is worse by far, I'm bigger, she moves a ton more, and of course all the complications.

Same: heartburn, swelling, and carrying just as high.

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Different: Less m/s (not much either time), baby is lower which causes different issues, not as winded so far, having BH this time (yay), more sex drive, more emotional, more bladder kicks, less constipation. All in all this pregnancy seems much more emotional and less physical than last time.

Same: Similar weight gain, belly looks about the same shape.

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Overall the same for me. I have never had m/s with any of my pregnancies. I do start having BH earlier with each pregnancy (#1 I had NONE, by #4, they start coming around 26 weeks). Weight gain is pretty similar (except with #1, I gained about 15 lbs more than any of the others, and she was my smallest baby! LOL!)

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Different: he moves a lot less. I think my placenta is up front. He is very very low and always has been. Migraines! BH are more uncomfortable than the last time. Being on Phenergan AND Zofran. First enema of my life. Much moodier this time!

Same: ridiculous sickness, aversions to most foods, constant nausea, little to no weight gain.

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