QOTD 5/1

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QOTD 5/1

Happy May! :giveflower:

Do you have many real plants/flowers inside or outside your house that you have to water and take care of (if the sprinklers, etc get them, those don't count)?

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I live in an apartment, on the second floor, so no. If I had a yard I totally would though. We are going to be in a first floor after the move, so I may plant something there.

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I have ONE house plant that a friend gave me several years ago that's like a bamboo plant(?) and it's nothing short of a miracle that it's still alive because I forget to water it for a month at a time sometimes. Every year, I'll plant flowers in the pots on my porch, but they usually die so I'm thinking maybe a less thirsty, low maintenance plant of some sort would be better.

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We have a few indoor plants. After MIL nagged us to water them a dozen times (and I took offence) that became hubby's job. Blum 3

Outside...we have a big yard and lots of plants...but we also have automatic sprinklers. Smile I just need to find time/energy to weed and prune. Sad

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I have one plant inside and it is also a figthter bamboo plant I got for our wedding. It's coming back finally after almost dying this winter. I want to do our yard but idk that this year will be the year.

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we have a small courtyard and I potted alot of flowers this year. I love flowers, they make me happy.

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I am not a green thumb. I have no indoor plants, and I don't really take care of anything in the yard. There are some nice perennials in the front garden that come up every year, but aside from pulling the occasional weed, I don't put much effort in to gardening. My poor mother, she loves to garden, and I don't think any of her kids will carry on that love! She has a huge HUGE vegetable plot in her yard. My kids love to garden with her! Last year I got a great photo of all the veggies they harvested together - potatoes, watermelon, squash, tomatoes, peas, carrots, lettuce, green onions, pumpkin....you name it, they grew it. Me? Not so much.

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People actually have plants that live? LOL

Sandra, my mom is the same way. She LOVES to grow things, we actually grew flowers and went and sold them at the farmers market last year (man that seems like a lifetime ago). I helped her, because she's my mom. I mean, the farmers market wasn't so bad..but planting and weeding and picking and stuff kinda sucked, especially for me...who doesn't garden at all. But, it was great time spent with my mom...and the first time EVER I was super tan!!!

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i have 6 indoor plants that my grandmother gave me so they are a little special to me since she made them.. i have 5 garden areas in my yard which my father was wonderful and re-weed and mulched for me this year. i have a sunporch so im slowly transitioning all my plants to that room but it still gets cold at night here and the room isnt insulated

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I have a couple of flowers in pots this year, but I didn't go overboard! I do have, or plan to have, a vegetable garden that I do have to hook up the sprinkler and water. I kill indoor plants, so I have up on those!

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I have two indoor plants (I killed the other two - oops). And now we're trying to grow sprouts to plant in our garden. They seemed to be working, but now they are not doing as well. And we have TONS of flowers and plants outside, and will have our garden too, and we have to water them and think about them since our sprinklers are not automatic. Luckily it's a fun activity to do with DD. She loves watering the plants.

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I even killed my bamboo and those are supposed to be impossible to kill. Soooo, no plants. I have daisies outside but they grow on their own.