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QOTD 5/15

Do you use a baby monitor? If so, what do you have and do you like it?

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I hate to admit it, but I just reecently stopped using one with DS and he's 3 1/2. Oh and I only stopped because he dropped the video part and it broke, lol!

I love, love, love video monitors. For DS we had a summer infant black and white with the big monitor screen. I don't think you can even buy it anymore. I loved it at the time, but not so great for sound....lots of feedback.

This time I picked up a color hand held one from the consignment sale. We tested it and it works,but haven't used it to offer anything on it. I think it is this one.

Amazon.com: Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor, Sliver/White: Baby

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I have an AngelSounds movement monitor that I love for those first 4 months or so, but once baby starts rolling around I hate the false alarms so I quit using it.
I also have an "old" (3 years) Summer Day & Night video monitor that has been a champ but the sound is starting to go out on it. Plus it isn't digital so it has a lot of static noise. I got it for a gift when my DD turned one and I can't believe I survived her first year without one (kidding but it's still really nice to have). So...since I still need the video monitor for a few years, I just picked up a used Summer Baby Touch on Ebay - the screen is cracked (looks like a smart phone) but it works so who cares because it was a steal. So far I like it okay (put it in DS room to try it out) but the video quality in the dark on my older one it much better. Go figure! But I can pan the camera around and talk through my unit to his so there are some good things about it.

Noelle: I'll admit I still use a monitor with my 3 1/2 year old! My room is on the opposite side of the house from the rest of our bedrooms (and on a different floor than DD's) and if she has a nightmare or something, I can't hear her w/o it. She *mostly* will come to our room anyway and wake me up, but I still like being able to quickly peek on her during the night and make sure she's in bed.

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I had one with Tori. It was the kind that lit up more based on how loud the baby cried. I used it so I could shower and know what was going on. I would leave the volume off and go by the lights.

Never used it with Lucas. Gave it away. Smile

now I will have an eight year old mini mommy who I'm sure will report every peep the baby makes!

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I have never used one. We have always either roomed with baby or had their bedrooms right across the hall. In fact, when DD was born, we didn't even have doors on our bedrooms! I could always hear my babies. If we were on a different floor from a newborn I might consider it, but we never have been.

I did have one with DD but I think I used it about 3 times. I could never get a clear signal without too much annoying static. So I gave up. I won't be trying any new ones this time since I've done fine without one for 3 kids!

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I have this one. I love it. U can add more cameras too and switch back and forth between them. It also has controls on the handheld screen to move the camera. Jus love it.

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I have the Graco digital something or another. I'm not particularly fond of it, but I use it because it is digital and won't interfere with the house phone.

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"quonsetmom" wrote:

I have this one. I love it. U can add more cameras too and switch back and forth between them. It also has controls on the handheld screen to move the camera. Jus love it.

I almost got that one but had a hard time finding a good deal on it used

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I didn't use one for DD until she was 8 months old, since our apt was small enough for me to hear her - and at night time she roomed with us. But when we were going to come stay at my parents for a holiday, and were going to be eating outside at night while I knew she would be asleep - it became a must. I just got a cheapie one that I could hear her. Then when we moved to our new house, we got one with two receivers (that can be wireless) since our house is big and I wouldn't hear her from downstairs, especially if the tv is on or something. Now that she's in her own room, I keep one downstairs, and one in our bedroom - even though it's not far and we keep the doors mostly open. But it's good that I can take it down to the basement, especially since that's where our gym stuff is. She doesn't REALLY need it though, so I will move it to our room and put the receivers downstairs for the new LO, and maybe take the old single and put it in DD's room with the receiver downstairs.

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We never needed one with DS, we lived in one bed rooms pretty much until he was three, and co-slept most of the time. Pretty sure we won't even bother getting one this time either, chances are we will wind up co-sleeping again, and if not she is still going to be in our room for quite sometime (unless by some twist she is a great sleeper and will sleep through the night, but I won't hold my breath.)

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I have an Angel Care one too and still use it with my 3 year old. Our house is big and when we're in the basement, we can't hear her in her room. We don't use the movement mat anymore now that she's in a toddler bed but we used it until she moved out of the crib. We got the occasional false alarm but do we REALLY know they were false? I don't know. Anyways...we'll use that for new baby once he/she is out of the bassinet.