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QOTD 5/16

Do you keep in touch with any childhood friends?

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I do. There's my BFF of course then a few here and there on FB and such.

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Yes and they are actually my closest friends to this day. Unfortunately, we don't live close to each other, but they are so dear to me. I would love if DH and I moved back to my hometown to be near some of them.

My best friend lives in China now and another lives in Hawaii, I'm in Florida, but the majority are still outside Detroit.

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Thanks to FB I have contact with a few from elementary. I really only keep in touch with about 3 or 4 from high school but one of them is my best friend even now. Shes coming this summer to help out with baby (shes a teacher and her kids spend the summer with her ex so she is totally free!).

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Mostly just through FB. I have one BFF from high school that I keep in fairly good touch with, but it is hard because we don't live in the same city, and we are in different "phases" of life Smile I am married with 4 kids and she is still single with no kids. Not that we can't be friends anymore, but it is just different! My kids call her Aunty Kristi though Smile I really only had 1 REALLY good friend in high school (Kristi) and then a couple of fairly close friends. So we keep up on Facebook but I don't really live near any of them.

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I spent birth through 7th grade in one town and 8th grade on in another, also in a different state. I don't have contact with anyone from my younger years but my best friend and I still keep in touch. We went to school together but really our connection was that we lived on the same street. I wish we lived by each other now but are on opposite ends of the state. She is planning a trip to come after the baby arrives so I'm excited about that. Smile

I am FB friends with a couple of girls from high school but we don't really keep in touch otherwise.

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My main friends are my high school friends. So I guess, yes. We don't see each other that often because we're all busy and at different stages in life. One has teenagers, I have toddlers/babies and another is single and working in an oil camp! Wow, right?

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I have one friend from elementary school who I talk to very occasionally (like every few years), but I am FB friends with her dad so I keep up-to-date on their lives (they were neighbors and good friends of my parents as well). I have 3 close friends from high school who I see a few times a year for dinner or coffee, but they are all not married, no kids so we don't have a lot in common any more.

DH, on the other hand, is still really close to his BFF that he met when he was 3 and we live 2 miles from him and his wife who I'm good friends with now. Then we still have 4-5 other married w/kids friends of his from HS or earlier that we do a lot of things with. I tell him how rare that is but he doesn't believe me (thus the QOTD ;))

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Just on Facebook. One is actually due a week after me and another had a baby last week, so that is kinda neat.