QOTD 5/20

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QOTD 5/20

Happy Victoria Day to our Canadian friends Biggrin

What type of movies do you like most? Comedies, action, historical fiction, etc...

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I really like thrillers where you have to pay attention and try to figure it out before they "tell" you what's going on in the end.

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I'm a wuss, so nothing scary or gruesome.

I used to love dramas, but now if it is gong to make me cry, I skip it. Because of the no crying rule, I'm down to comedies, romantic comedies and cartoons. lol!

I've always been a fan of animation even before kids. I'd go see the newest disney movie by myself all the time!

Oh and I'm a sucker for anything with singing and dancing. I'm really looking forward to Gatsby because I am a HUGE Baz Luhrman fan.

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Probably Comedy. I hate being scared!

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Nothing scary. I do like crime thrillers, but nothing paranormal, gory, or freaky.

I mostly am a drama girl. I like a good rom-com too, but I'm big into the epic dramas. I love period pieces.

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I guess my favorite is romantic comedy. I also like a good mind teaser like momento. oooo maybe ill watch that to pass the day with contractions?

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Comedy, Sci-fi. Nothing too gory, just makes my stomach turn. And nothing where they kill off a character that I like, just makes me mad...