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QOTD 5/3

What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?

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I use John Frieda for brunettes shampoo, although I'll use almost any shampoo for color-treated hair. My favorite conditioner is Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.

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I used to be very picky, but now its what I find on sale with good coupons.

Funny thing is I am not sure right now, lol! Tressemme?? Maybe. Its a red bottle for the shampoo and white for the condiditioner.

Now, I just tried the Frieda hair dye last night. So worth the few extra dollars! Color is beautiful and natural looking. Could have left it on a few more minutes, but it covered my gray about 95%. Very happy.

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I use Head and Shoulders out of habit I guess. I have a dry scalp sometimes, and so DH and I both just use H&S.
For conditioner I use anything "anti-frizz" or "smoothing" - NOTHING that will add extra volume. My hair is poofy enough. Right now I think it is Fructis Anti-Frizz conditioner.

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I do really like the Aveeno products and will use those when I can.

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My favorite is AG which is a local Canadian company. It's sold at salons. When I'm broke, I use whatever is on sale at the store. Hubby bought me a liter bottle of AG shampoo and condition as a gift recently so I'm set for a while. LOVE!

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I love Aussie products! But I use Garnier Fructis Pure Clean 2 in 1.

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I splurged and tried the WEN products, but it made my hair really greasy

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lol I just use what ever is cheap. My hair is pretty short right now so it doesn't make a difference what I use. When I have my hair long (it was all the way to my but before I had DS, and I've made it about half way back there a couple times since) I use the Garneir Sleek and Shine, or some anti-frizz anything, my hair isn't very frizzy but I found it made my hair do what I wanted it to a lot easier.

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im having this issue right now with my hair. its too poffy. I rotate my shampoo and conditioners lately. I go from pantine long and sleek, to ISO for color treated hair, to Pantine length and strength. I recently got Videle sasoon(cant spell) one minute mask and it seems to help if i use it everytime. I didnt want to spend the money for a good mask lol. I will use whatever appeals to me at the time but found it stays less greasy if i rotate what i use daily.

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I use Ouidad. It's a company that on,y makes curly products. It's ridiculously expensive but Jon makes me buy it because he says he'd rather shell out $30 for shampoo and conditioner than listen to me cry about hating my hair. Smile it really is the only thing I've ever found that can control my crazy curls.

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i use Tressemme the color treated shampoo and conditioner. i also both the mousse and hairspray

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I have been using this, Simply U, for a while now. It's sulfate and paraben free and while I could be imagining it I really feel like I loose less hair in the shower since I've been using the sulfate free. Sulfate free shampoos don't suds up or create lather as much so it feels a little different when shampooing but hasn't bothered me at all. I also really love the price point and the scent of it. I get it at Walmart for under $6 each for the shampoo and conditioner. I use the volumizing b/c I have fine/thin hair.

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I use Earth Safe and sometimes Dessert Essence Organics. If I run out of shampoo I'll use Dr. Bronners (which I use on DD). I'm all about the "everything chemical" free shampoos. And since DH started using it a few years back, he has such thick luscious hair - he has definitely noticed the difference! It is quite pricey - but I know other people that pay similar for chemical ones, and I just don't wash my hair that often Smile