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QOTD 5/30

How did you pick your OB/midwife/etc? What is something you really like about him/her and something you don't particularly care for?

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I picked this set of midwives (3) because it's the only stand alone birth center in my area. Smile They have all been pretty great.

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Even though I have never had a c/s, I liked that he actually speaks regularly around the region on the benefits of VBAC. He lets his VBACs labor for DAYS without forcing surgery. He's awesome.

Also, long term care. He doesn't believe in chemical birth control and I admire him for taking that stand publicly. He doesn't prescribe it so if you want it, you have to transfer to one of his partners.

Plus he's just a normal guy. He's not all "I'm a doctor, kiss my feet" like too many are. He's been very open and real about his own life with me and it's really neat to get to talk to him as a husband who watched his wife go through pregnancy, not just as someone who knows it all from med school.

He uses Facebook and you can chat with him through the site. He's so easy to reach with a minor problem so you don't have to drag yoursf into the office because you have a few questions.

He is just awesome. There's nothing I don't like about him.

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OB's are in short supply in these parts. In my last city there were only 5 OB's (city of 200,000). My new city I'm sure has many more OB's (city of 820,000) but I'm not sure. I didn't really 'choose' my OB, I was referred to him by another Dr. and I just took what I got!

Thankfully I lucked out. I really like him and his friendly manner. He is also quite thorough and asks me every time if I have any questions. The only thing I don't like is having to wait an hour to get in for my appts, but that's common most everywhere. Also, my last OB was a woman, so having a man is a bit different for me. But I don't care that much. I really like him so far, his office is across the street from the hospital, and the hospital I am delivering at is supposed to be the best for L&D in the city.

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With DS, I didn't like the office where I first got recommendations to go to. I liked the doctor, but the nurses were forgetful and unattentive. Also, it was a big practice, so one of 40 doctors could deliver me.

I wanted something more intimate, so I tried out a place in the town where I lived at the time. It was 2 OB's and a nurse midwife and I loved them right away! So as soon as I was pregnant again I knew that is where I wanted to go. The midwife isn't there anymore, and I don't 100% love the new OB, but I love, love the other two!

They are both nice, gentle and informative. I never feel rushed and they feel like they have done it a thousand times and there is nothing to worry about. Basically, they put me at ease.

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When I was pregnant with my first, I honestly looked up doctors on my insurance website and picked one who was close to my house and took both my current insurance and DH's work's insurance since we were considering switching (which we did but not until baby #2). There were only a few and I seriously picked this OB because his last name is the same as my brother's first name Wink Turned out, when my DH came with me to my first appointment, that DH knew him because he'd played soccer with his son. Random!

He is older (as in delivered one of our friends!) and very calm about everything. DD came out not trying to breathe at all and pretty unresponsive and you'd never know by his demeanor (I only knew because of DH telling me after). And he doesn't overbook himself so I'm usually in and out of appointments in a half hour including waiting time. The only thing I don't love is that he is kind of introverted so unless I have questions, our conversations at appointments are pretty short and uninformative. But I feel like he has done a great job with all my pregnancies and definitely trust being in his care. Plus he only has one other doctor in his practice so that's the only other person who would deliver me if he was unavailable (which is funny because the other doc is a young, kind of hyper guy - pretty much polar opposite!).

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With DS, I was trying to get in with my sisters OB, he also delivered a couple of my siblings, but he was already booked solid for my birth month, so I went with one of the other OBs in his office. I liked him, he was pretty funny, but DH didn't like him. I started out with the group that is at the hospital I worked at most recently this time, because I really liked the way they have the birth center set up, even though I know that they have a really high induction/c-section rate. But all the little things added together I didn't feel comfortable going back, so I called up the two midwife/birth centers in my area and went with the one that called me back first.

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