QOTD 5/7

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QOTD 5/7

Sorry I'm so late today.

What's your go-to thing to snack on between meals?

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Not pregnant, it's Kashi bars. But they gross me out right now.

Right now it's plain toast.

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I love snack on any kind of berries, watermelon, or apples, but I don't always have those around (mainly because my kids snack on them too so a few days after the grocery store, we've eaten them!). If not, my next go-to is cold cereal or yogurt.

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lately it is a toss up between rice krispies, hummus & crackers or an apple.

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Right now it's apples and peanut butter. Yum

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A bowl of cereal.

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"MJDttc" wrote:

A bowl of cereal.

Same here. I hardly eat it when I'm not pregnant, but I love it right now!

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Dry cereal, a homemade granola bar, pretzels, crackers, fruit.....

Or unhealthy things like chocolate, candy, and chips Smile

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I can't say I have a go to. Nothing I've had consistently, it's just grab whatever is convenient. Apples and peanut butter sounds so good though Smile