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QOTD 6/12

Do you plan to do/have you done a newborn photo shoot with THIS baby?

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They did one in the hospital and I'm the sucker on pain meds that bought the cd, lol!

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Our hospital doesn't do those photos you have in the US I don't think.

We're planning a shoot after baby is home. I knit/crochet hats and newborn props for sale so I've made up a bunch of items for baby to wear. I made a deal with the photographer who took my maternity photos with DD and she's going to do the photos in trade for the props I made! Total score! I'm excited. Biggrin

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I need to do it myself. We've got a nice camera and I could at least get a few cute ones.

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We're getting his pics done next week. My mom talked me into doing them with my first and I loved them so much that I go to the same person for all the kids birth and 1 year pictures (which have worked out that we've gone every summer since '09)

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No, but I seriously need to take out my camera more. I have about a zillion of DD by the time she was 10 days old, and I have only about a handful of Matan. Oops!

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I never have before and probably won't with this one either. Although it does cross my mind to maybe go ahead this time and have some done. It could be some just baby and some with all the kids. IDK though...

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I am. It'll be the first time I do it. The other kids I didn't... But a lady in my church is amazingly talented and she had a contest and I won so I'm getting a really good price.

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We will probably pay for a sitting with the kids but nothing new born specific, but DH just bought a fancy new camera and is getting back into photography so we are going to have tons of pics.

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Never done one, and I don't see it happening this time.

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Oh yes! We will be going to the same lady who always does our photos. She has already let me know that she is doing a free newborn session for us. I am hoping I can make it in Monday.

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I have never gotten dd1 s pics done but my camera is being dumb and I still haven't gotten my new one, that I set money aside for. Lol. I don't see professional ones happening