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QOTD 6/17

Are you a fan of baby wearing? If so, what's your favorite carrier?

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I am but didn't do much with dd1. I'm hoping to do some in my ergonomic carrier (not the ergo) I forgot I had lol. I also have a moby but have to wait till she's big enough for a groggy style carry. Smile

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I don't do it a ton but I do like to occasionally. I got a new Mei Tai carrier and used it the other day, it was fabulous for a newborn!

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I haven't done it a ton with my previous 2 but did always like it when I did. I'm going to try to more with this babe too. I really like it for going out and about as opposed to lugging an infant seat and have rarely used a stroller. They are way too much trouble for a quick trip.

I have a sleepy wrap and really like it. I'm interested in something more lightweight for this time if year though. I haven't looked into much though and not sure I'd spend money on a new one now. But maybe if my sleepy wrap is too hot and she likes being worn. Smile

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I don't do it enough but now with two other kids it will be a necessity. I just don't have enough hands to lug a big a car seat and I am not a stroller fan unless we are at an amusement park or something.

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Oh yes!!! The ergo carrier by far. Having a decent carrier makes all the difference in the world. I had some cheaper, hard to use ones, with my first 2 dds and didn't really baby wear at all. I got the ergo before my 3rd dd, and have used it almost daily since (that's 5 plus years of almost daily baby wearing!!). Smile I actually wore out my first ergo, and had to get another one close to a year ago.

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Yes, but I'll admit I don't do it enough. I have a moby and a Bjorn. I'd like to get an ergo with this baby

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Love to babywear!

I have a Moby, a Boba, a pouch sling, and a bamboo stretchy wrap. I'm in the market for my first woven wrap too Smile

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Yep...used it a lot with DD, and have already started with Asher. I have a moby for when they are little and a beco for when they are bigger. I also bought a peanut sling w/DD but I didn't like it.

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I do it, maybe not a fan. I want to be though! I think my problem is I haven't found the "perfect" thing. I have a Hotslings, it's ok. A cheap backback style, not a big fan. I have made a few ring sling, then again ok. I am looking into a wrap, but I want one that is going to be cool for this summer and one that is not outrageously expensive! So I don't know what I am going to do...