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QOTD 6/20

Do you mostly access the site by phone, computer, tablet, etc?

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I use my iPhone 90% of the time unless I happen to already be on my laptop.

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Computer. It annoys me to have it so small on the iPhone. And usually my kids have stolen the iPad LOL!

Our computer is in the living room where all the toys are too, so it's easy to be on the computer during the day.

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Mostly iPhone. You can tell when I'm on the iPad instead because of the 50 million typos. Smile My computer is pretty much toast but when we were looking for a new one we were offered a great deal on a second iPad and went with that. So technically we don't have a computer right now.

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Pre-labour it was mostly my laptop...but now that I'm nursing and all over the place I more often use my Android tablet. It displays ok but it's a real pain to type on. I know how to type so it's SO much faster to do the longer posts on my actual laptop. My phone is a BlackBerry and it will display the site but it seems to hate all the siggy blinkies and stuff. SO slow. I avoid using it as much as possible.

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I can't stand typing on tablets or my phone. 99.9% of the time it's the PC for me. Plus, our computer is in the main living area, so the kids are running around or doing work at the table and I'm right here with them... for the most part. Smile

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Computer. I don't even have a working cell phone nevermind one that connects to the internet! And I find the tablet so slow I get frustrated and don't bother posting.

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I initially hated typing on my phone but have gotten pretty efficient. It doesn't bother me at all now although when I use my laptop I think how much faster it is LOL. But my phone is always on me so its just here when I'm nursing or whatever.

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I mainly use my phone now that it has quit booting me off for no reason. It is so much easier than running to the pc because our is a piece of junk and old.