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QOTD 6/26

Can you play any musical instruments?

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I come from a musical family. My mom is a piano teacher and my stepdad is a children's songwriter and entertainer.

My main 'instrument' is my voice Wink but I also play piano (not excellently, just mediocre), I played the flute for 5 years, and....wait for it.....I ROCK at the harmonica! ROFL

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I can play the trumpet and the clarinet (random I know!). I WISH I could play the piano. DH has played the drums since he was small and had tried to teach me a thing or two but I struggle to keep my own rhythm Wink

"sandraleigh" wrote:

I ROCK at the harmonica! ROFL

That is awesome! Lol!! And I'm totally jealous of your singing, I can't sing to save my life.

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The instrument I wish I could play is the harp. I think that will be my "late in life" instrument. Maybe when we have a bigger house and the kids are all in school I will learn and take harp lessons!

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Nope. All my siblings took piano and maybe can play some now. I played clarinet in school for like one semester during sixth grade. Needless to say that didn't stick with me. I do enjoy singing and am in the choir at church. I've done a few solos recently. The choir director has put me back on the schedule to do another one the end of August so I guess I wasn't too terrible. Wink

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I played the flute for 7 years. Grade 6 - 12. I can sort of still play it.

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I was basic at the piano, but nothing else Sad
I love to listen though!

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No musical instruments here! I do enjoy singing, though. I intend for my kids to learn at least one musical instrument apiece.

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Nope. Not musical in any way. I took a year of violin in 4th grade. That's it.

Kids take piano. Sil is a music teacher and she teaches them. We use it as an excuse to get together for dinner once a week. Smile Tori has no musical ability. Listening to the poor kid sing is painful. She does enjoy her lessons though. Smile Lucas is very musically-inclined. SIL says he's got a lot of talent. But right now he's five and practicing is torture to him (he is supposed to practice 3x a week for 5 minutes, nothing crazy!).

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I sing, played the piano for 2 years, not good at all, played trumpet for 3 years, and I like to drum but only on furniture lol.