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QOTD 7/12

Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you take it? If not, what do you drink in the morning?

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I drink a soda in the morning. I was afraid I would have to quit caffeine completely while nursing but so far it's been fine. He sleeps great at night so I'm keeping my caffeine. Smile Usually I drink a Coke but right now I'm drinking Mt Dew because Jon bought a bunch from a customer who overstocked. Which doesn't sound that funny unless you know Jon works for Coke! Smile

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Coffee. Almond milk and white chocolate syrup. Either vanilla or chocolate almond milk.

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I'm a big coffee drinker although I do cut back while I'm nursing/pregnant (my first 2 pregnancies it actually made me nauseous just to be around). Mostly I drink it at home with creamer, but I love a caramel machiatto or vanilla latte when I feel like splurging.

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I loooove coffee but quit at the beginning of pregnancy and need to buy more grounds. I like my coffee strong with sugar. I hate milk or creamer added to it at home, but will take some sort of mixed coffee if I go to a shop.

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I have never had coffee. I drink fruit juice in the morning - whatever kind is in my fridge!

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Yup, I love coffee. Cream and sugar is the best. I normally drink it at home as I'm cheap. Blum 3

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I like the international delight iced coffee caramel machitto but since I can't have dairy anymore im going g to try regular coffee with vanilla almond milk

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When I'm not in the first year of breastfeeding, I like my organic coffee with sugar and half-n-half.
I actually don't think the flavored coffee creamers have milk in them. I remember when I gave them up for DS1 and when I actually read the ingredients after the fact, I was mad.

I copied this from their FAQ:
Q: Does International Delight contain lactose?
A: No, International Delight does not contain lactose. However, it does contain sodium caseinate, a milk derivative.

Q: Why is International Delight called a non-dairy product when it contains sodium caseinate, a milk derivative?
A: Although sodium caseinate is a milk derivative, the process of manufacturing sodium caseinate is significantly different from that of other dairy ingredients; therefore the FDA still classifies this component as a non-dairy ingredient.

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I have 1-2 cups a day. Usually 1 in the morning and one in the afternoon. It hasn't ever seemed to affect any if my breastfed kids. I take it with some sort of flavored creamer. Usually French vanilla. No sugar. I usually drink it at home because we have a Kurig which is super easy and I'm cheap. Ha Wink