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QOTD 7/23

What is your policy on your kids eating/drinking in your car?

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Water only. Food wise, I'm a lot more lenient than I thought I'd be...easier to vacuum some goldfish off the floor than listen to whining IMO! The only thing I'm strict about is anything that can melt and become a nightmare to clean if dropped on the floor.

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No rules. With all their sports and stuff, we eat on the go a lot.

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We had chocolate milk spilled too many times so that is the only thing I really try to keep him from drinking unless it is in its own cup with a lid and straw.

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no hard rules. We eat on the go sometimes.

Biggest rule is everything has to have a lid for drinks

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No rules really except I don't give them a drink that's not in a sippy cup. We don't let them have stuff that is undoubtedly going to be a big mess like a chocolate bar or freeze pop or something obvious like that.

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We don't mind drinks with lids. Generally we don't we don't eat food in the car, unless we are on a road trip (DH basically doesn't let us get out until we reach our destination). Sometimes I do make a snack bag of non messy foods.

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No rules yet, only 21 months lol