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QOTD 7/9

How do you handle telemarketers?

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I generally just talk over them as soon as I realize what's going on and say "Im not interested, thanks!" and hang up.

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I just don't answer. We don't have a home phone and I try really hard not to give out my cell number to businesses unless really necessary.

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I ignore them.

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If they are real people I tell them I'm not interested. If they are relentless I use my favorite line: "I'm TRYING to be nice but you're making it VERY hard!".

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I usually wait til they take a breath, tell them Im not interested and ask to be removed from their list. Too many times we get a call from teh SAME one either multiple times a day or every day. My favorite was when an NRA one kept calling my parents and mom would constantly say not interested and hang up. one day my brohter was there and he took the phone from my mom and started screaming "at" us then back to the phone and said his parole officer didnt allow him to have or be around guns. they've never called back...... (for the record my brother does not have a parole officer and never has!)

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