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QOTD 9-27

What is you favorite game? Online or otherwise.

I love Scrabble, have it on my kindle and the board game, when ever we have a family gathering I usually whip out the Kindle and play with my sisters while the kids are running amok (usually at my moms farm so they really don't need 100% supervision! which the kids loooove.) DS's favorite game is Minecraft (drat DH for getting him hooked) and Go Fish.

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I love playing games, but it is hard finding anyone to play with me. So I am often stuck playing games on the IPad. My favorite game to play is Scattergories, lately on the IPad I have been playing Gems with Friends.

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Final fantasy and those sorts of games and board games!!!

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"Lizbet22" wrote:

Final fantasy and those sorts of games and board games!!!

Love final fantasy! Best video games ever IMO Smile

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OMG gamer girls...awesome!!!

I am a huge gamer and big on the FF series as well. I played the MMO FFXI for a few years on and off and I was obsessed with PvP there. I play all sorts of games whenever possible like Spades & Hearts at Yahoo, the Wii and Ps3 various games, usually RPG. Am looking for a new MMO but it's so damn time consuming and they are all cookie cutters of WoW now. Sad

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Right now matching with friends, but I am beginning to tire of it.

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I'm a nerd. I like Monopoly and Oregon Trail

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I love board games and old fashioned card games like Canasta that I learned from my grandma! I really don't play any phone/computer games right now.

A long long time ago I played WoW when it was first out. Just don't have the time for long games with two children, a job and a house!