QOTD, Wednesday 11-7

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QOTD, Wednesday 11-7

So for those of you who give gifts for Christmas...

Do you shop early and get it done before things get crazy or are you out on Christmas Eve picking up last minute gifts after just starting your shopping in early December?

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I do 90% online in November. I can't stand going to stores in December and dealing with crowds.

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I shop all year and try to be mostly done around thanksgiving so I can wrap.... My mom and i usually dont get the other a gift, maybe a 5 dollar funny gift but nothing big, instead we take the money we would have spent on the other and go shopping together for either toys for tots or an angle tree set of kids. thenwe have lunch. my dh or my dad watch the boys. It varies when we go but usually november. The boys and I have a tradition (it's part of our advent calendar of events )... See when my oldest was born he was 2 months early and arrived just before Christmas. No one wanted him to miss it and figured since we were in the nospital we wouldn't have time/energy to get him a stocking. I however ordered one online that had his name embroidered... So he now has like 3. He uses the one we got him for Santa, the one my folks got him at their house, and the one my in laws got him for santas elves... Each of the boys has a santas elves stocking and each one gets to go out with me and fill it with toys to hang (around the 15th of December, for santas elves to pick up for kids who's parents need some help (Santa doesn't need help but he knows which parents do) so the elves take the toys and then give them to the parents who need them.

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I get a present for DD every paycheck to spread it out. The rest IDK yet. im thinking it will be done before december tho. Smile

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I don't shop throughout the year, but I do try to get as much done early as I can.

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i normally dont get a chance to do it early but i have already made a list on who's getting what so i'll get some stuff here and there to the people on my list

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Usually we just buy for the kids and our mom. There are too many brothers and sisters for us all to buy something for everyone (though my sister seems to manage it) we usually do an ornament exchange or something silly like that for us. I don't usually shop until the last minute, the same way I do everything. Biggrin

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I'm a mixed bag.... I start now, but I love the busy shopping malls and being all bundled up with a Starbucks looking for the perfect gift for 2 months....such a consumer lol

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The last few years I do the majority online on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

I pick up odds and ends throughout the season and then DH and I do one trip to the toy store for DS.

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I'm usually a last minute shopper. I procrastinate about most everything though. Blum 3 I'm doing great if I have anything purchased before December. I always say I'd like to do it earlier so I could have stuff wrapped and under the tree to enjoy looking at for a bit but yeah, that doesn't happen. I suppose it would required planning ahead. :rolleyes:

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I do mine late November, early December and buy as much online as I can.

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"Momma Leah" wrote:

I don't shop throughout the year, but I do try to get as much done early as I can.

I'm the same way. November and December are big shopping times for me. Lately I've been doing a lot of online shopping and that seems to be a great way to go. I always look for places with free shipping and try to use those as much as possible. In the past I've tried to support more local businesses but it's often just WAY more work. I'll find something I like online then go to like 10 different stores in town looking for it, waste all this time and gas, then just have to order it online anyways. I'm done doing that! LOL.

I really only buy for DH, DD, my mom and my brother's kids. My brother's kids live far away so I order online and have it shipped there. My brother and SIL wrap it for me. DH buys for his nieces/nephews and mom so I'm happy to not deal with that!

We had a local department store liquidate recently so DH has already got remote controlled cars for all his nephews (60%) off and I"m pretty sure he has bought my big gift....a HUGE box came by post and he was being secretive and told me to 'forget about it'. Blum 3

All that being said, I love the feeling of the mall at Christmas. I like to go and wander about, taking in the sights and smells without the pressure! Smile

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I'm an online shopper. Our parents and grandparents get the same thing every year - our yearly family photobook that I do. So that makes shopping easier! For everyone else I usually order stuff on Amazon. I hate shopping in stores! Especially when toting around 3 kids.

I do have to add - I really DO like shopping in actual stores, but only by myself!

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