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Quick Update

I've been a bit MIA. Although I see the board has been slow...we are all a bit MIA with our new little ones.

We missed Ainsley's 2 week checkup that was scheduled for Tuesday the 9th. My grandfather passed away on Monday so we went to be with my grandmother and were gone all last week. My Papaw was 88 so knew this time would come sooner than later but it happened kinda fast after learning he had lymphoma (sp?) at the first part of June. I wish I could have gone to see him then but it wasn't feasible to travel at 9 months pregnant and not really knowing how things would go. I'll definitely miss him...he was a wonderful man.

I wasn't concerned about missing the 2 week as it was just to weigh her really but I did have to get her retested for the newborn screening. I received a letter from the state about needing to retest due to an insufficient sample in the hospital. The peds office told me they could do it when we came in for the 2 week check so when we got back in town I called to see what I needed to do since we missed the appointment. They had me come in Tuesday for the weight check but said I had to take her back to the hospital for the screening. I hate when you get different stories like that. So I took her in and she was up to 9.5 lbs from 8 lb 1 oz three weeks ago.

I got a straight answer and specific directions on where to go to have the newborn screening redone from the pedi. The hospital is right next to the doc's office so took her over and got it taken care of.

We have to go back next week for her 1 month appoinment since this was delayed a week. Fun! I totally would have skipped this if it wasn't for the retest.

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I'm sorry about your grandpa. I'm glad she's up a pound! WTG!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. We lost my grandma when Reed was 4 months along. She never got to meet him.

I'm wondering about traveling to michigan this time earlier so my other grandparents can meet the little lady, but am unsure about flying at 2 months old.