Rachelle, Leah, and Heather

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Rachelle, Leah, and Heather

Rachelle good luck on your pre vacation checkup!

Leah, good luck on your OB appointment and 3 hr glucose test. I hope u pass with flying colors.

Heather, I hope your midwife appointment goes well tomorrow.

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Good luck everyone!

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Yes, Good luck and let us know how your appointments go Smile

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Have great appointments! :vibes: Best of luck to you Leah with the 3 hour...yuck.

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Good luck with the three hour test! I hope it goes smoothly and you pass!!!

I am putting together a list of questions for my doctor so I don't draw a blank when I see him (like I usually do).

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I write them on my ipad or a paper and then type as I ask lol. It helps me not forget, tho last time I forgot to take it out.lol

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Thanks everyone! Good luck to everyone else too!