Rachelle and Sandra

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Rachelle and Sandra

Rachelle have a good appointment tomorrow. Sandra good luck at your ANATOMY SCAN tomorrow!

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YAY and good luck!

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Good luck!! Hope you both have great appts!!

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I'm so excited!

But I'm in a bad mood this morning. DS2 woke up at 5 am and didn't go back to sleep. I feel like a zombie. I can't even nap this morning because I have all 3 kids at home and we really need to get groceries. Ugh.

Now I will be SUPER disappointed if it's a boy! Wink

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GL at your appt! What time is it so that I can stalk you Blum 3

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Good luck Sandra! I hope it goes well!

Cross your fingers that my doc decides to do a quick peak by u/s. I'm going to his new fancy office this time and my understanding is that they have u/s machines readily available for quick peaks. Lucas was a stinker ANC we couldn't get a HB on him so I got a bonus peak but I think that was 11 weeks, not 15. People keep teasing me about twins (not sure why, I am not even showing still!!!) but I've never got a peak in there and just want to know its just one. My big ultrasound isn't for five more weeks. I just want that peace of mind!

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Rochelle: hope you get a peak! It's always nice to SEE baby is doing well! GL!

Sandra: No in that case, I think you just need to hope the baby isn't going to actually come out. Wink My DD is the one who usually causes me to lose sleep and she's 3.5! My DS is my fantastic sleeper who STTN at like 6 weeks. Anyway...WOOOOHHOOOOO have a great appt, can't wait to hear what you're baking!!!!

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Good luck!!!

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I'm home Very uneventful. Had trouble getting the HB--too much squirming! Got it just long enough to be satisfied and not need an ultrasound. Bummer! But things are good. BP is fine, everything is fine.