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I had the follow up blood draw on Monday morning (early). They told me they would call that afternoon or Tuesday morning. NO CALL! I called today, and the front office was suprised they hadn't called, and patched me through to the nurse. No answer, so I left a voice mail. Still, no call. I am still spotting, a little worse than before, but still totally perfectly normal for a viable pregnancy. I took another pregnancy test with a threshold of 25 and a 1 hour hold, postive! I am to the point now, I just want answers. If I am going to miscarry, then let it happen. If my numbers are too low, then tell me. Should I just assume that the reason they haven't called is because everything is progressing normal and I shouldn't worry or what?

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First off, that's insanely rude to not call you back after you've tried multiple times to get ahold of them. That's ONE good thing about my OB and her nurse, they call back EVERY time I call them.

Anyway, I will say when I had my first pregnancy, I was at another doc office and they never called me with my BETA numbers. When I finally called them because I was getting pissed, they were like..oh..we didn't call you because everything looked fine.

I'd still try to pester them about it though. I'm sorry you're bleeding, but LOTS of people bleed in early pregnancy. GL!

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Completely agree with Jessica.. if/when there's something wrong, they are sure to follow up because action needs to be taken.. But it sucks horrible that they can't call you back.. especially when you've called them so many dang times!!! WTH!?!

If in your shoes, I'd stick with the whole "No news is good news!" theory. Smile But I'd call back tomorrow and DEMAND to stay on hold until they talked to me. They would NOT want me to come down there and have to ask about it.

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Yeah, that would make me really mad, I would call first thing in the morning, and demand to talk with the doctor. Not hold then transfer then voicemail, DR THEN. But I am a B**** when it comes to that sort of thing, and I am not nice over the phone.

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I keep reminding myself, if my numbers were low, even lower than initially, they would want to repeat the blood draw, and that would be today. So, the numbers had to be better. But also, this is the MFM group at UAB. They are tops, but they don't always do pregnancies this early. They are doing mine because we know it will be high risk. So, I can't help but wonder if they are not calling back because the nurse that does the calls is out or because they are thinking, "Oh, she is going to miscarry, she should find out soon enough, why should we tell her."

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Honestly, there could be any # of reasons they haven't called you. The mostly likely is simply that it got "set aside" and no one has bothered to do it... good or bad news. Of course with spotting we all know it can either be perfectly fine, or there could be a problem - which is why you did the blood test!! Yeah, I would just keep on calling until you get an answer. At this point, I think it's okay for you to pester them a little bit.

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I'd start pestering, mostly with a "I'm so worried" approach though! Lay the guilt on rather than ranting! LOL!

I'll also say that my pediatricians office has a policy that if test results are normal they will NOT contact you. They tell you when you'd receive a call by if there was an issue. So once that date passes you can stop worrying. It saves them a LOT of time in leaving messages and such. Works okay I guess.

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I'm sorry Susan, that is beyond frustrating! I agree, I would definitely pester tomorrow. Hope you get great news very soon. Smile

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Hope you hear something soon!

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I would be losing my mind! So sorry!! Hope you get good news soon!

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I agree, pester them tomorrow with the "I'm so worried" angle. Sending positive vibes your way!