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I have come to the depressing realization that DHs mother will likely be living with us soon. Which isn't all terrible because she will clean the house to a ridiculous degree, BUT she is nuts, she managed to call the police so often at her apartment (on her SO and on my BIL who was living with her) that they are kicking her out, and she smokes like a chimney. Well, her SO is going to jail for the next ten years (probation violation), and BIL has found somewhere else to live. So because she is being kicked out she will likely loose her housing assistance, and currently she is supposed to be staying with her sister but realistically I don't see that working out, two crazies and a bunch more people living together doesn't work out.

Pros: Childcare - I can get a job or go back to school. She loves to Clean.

Cons: She is a nut job.

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Um.... that is terrible. I don't see having a nut job watching my kid as a pro either!! The cleaning is good though. That's about the only plus I can see. I'm sorry!!!!

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Oy! Sorry to hear that. Even with the pros, living with another adult aside from an SO (especially a nutty one) is tough. Crossing fingers her other arrangement somehow works out :vibes:

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Yikes. That's all I can say.

I really hope something else works out!

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I hope something works out for her other than living with u. I think that would kill my marriage

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Oh man, that sucks. My MIL and mom are a bit nutty these days too...but I blame that on them being in their 60s. I don't think I could handle your MIL. The smoking would be definitely out in my house too...ugh. I hope you can find her something else. *hugs*

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She is pretty good with kids, it's the adults she tries to control. We told her she will have to quit smoking or at least smoke outside. After she exhausts living with her sister (which won't take long), she doesn't have anywhere else to go.

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She won't quit smoking I'm quite sure. I couldn't tolerate that part either. Even if she smoked outside. Wouldn't want my kids watching a family member with the habit during their formative years. (like 0-65!)

I do wish her well, but paying a cleaning lady would be cheaper in the long run I bet. She needs help with life changing habits.

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Yeah, if it happens it isn't something I look forward to. She said that she isn't supposed to loose her housing voucher though, so maybe just maybe it won't come to that.