Remember me? Lol

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Remember me? Lol

Hello! I can't believe I've been so inactive. I was so good at posting last pregnancy!!

I was having contractions for a couple of hours about five min apart last night. Had a Dr's appointment today and that was good. He wasn't too concerned about the contractions last night since they did stop. He also said it was unlikely I would have a baby early since I have carried 3 to term and at 34 weeks he wouldn't do much to stop it (probably just iv fluids) if nature decided it was time. Hoping he's right and she cooks quite a while longer!

My BP was a little high for me. I'm usually at 110/70 or so and today it was 130/80. No protein in my urine though so we are just going to keep an eye on it. Can't believe I'm in the final stretch!!

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Hey girl! Nice to see you! Crazy about the contractions. Glad to hear they stopped. Smile

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Good to hear from you! Hoping for a few more weeks for you, but excitd to see the baby!!

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Welcome back. Glad u r still cooking that LO