Roman Louis is here:)

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Roman Louis is here:)

Hey ladies... Roman was born 6/20/13 @ 3:07pm...8pds 15 ounces 22 inches. Started indication about 7am.

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Congratulations Jo! He's so handsome!! WTTW Roman! Smile

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What a head of hair!! WTTW Roman. Congratulations!

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Thanks ladies... we leave hospital today. We kept Alex with us and it worked out perfect. She warmed up to HER baby and I can't be happier. Look at my babies.

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WTTW Roman Yahoo

Congrats! He's too cute!

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He is adorable! Way to go Momma!

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YAY! Way to go! He sure is cute and I love his name! What a long boy!

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Congratulations! He is a cutie!

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WOw, they look so similar. I'm glad that Alex likes "her" baby! Smile Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

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Eye roman!!! What a handsome boy and all that hair!

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Congrats!! So glad she loves "her baby"! So sweet!

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Congrats, adorable babies!