Saw the Doc and Results

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Saw the Doc and Results

I had an initial check up on Monday. It was the usual boring stuff...weight check, pee in a cup, blood draw. Nothing exciting. My doc did tell me to come back in 2 weeks for an u/s. Yay! So that is scheduled for Mon. 10/29, in the afternoon.

I just got my results back. I was 15 DPO Monday so I had already looked up on betabase where I should be. Here's a link for anyone who may need to check their numbers. My HCG was 301 Yahoo and prog. was 15.59. He wants to start me on a progesterone supplement just to be safe.

**m/c mentioned**
I don't think it is particularly low but with my recent loss (prog. was 5.something when tested, I had already started spotting and had full m/c the next morning) he is being cautious. I know with DS2 my early results came back with a prog. level of almost 30 so it is significantly lower than my last successful pregnancy.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy overall and very hopeful that I will be here for a while. Biggrin

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Glad all looks well!

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Looks like everything is going well for you too. I'm glad to hear that the progesterone number is ok and that the doctor is keeping watch. Best to be pro-active, right?

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glad everything went well, there is nothing wrong with a dr being cautious glad he is

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Yeah! Those results sound promising Smile

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Yay!! Glad all looks well!

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Sounds like great numbers!

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I'm having a ultrasound the 29th too Wink

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Sounds like a good appointment and good to be cautious with your history I think! Smile

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Well, the progesterone is actually well within normal, but definitely better safe than sorry. The HCG sounds great for 15 dpo!

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Came across this study and thought it might really reassure you. It is based on 16dpo blood tests, but you are well within the limits.

16 Days Past Ovulation (DPO) and hCG levels