Saying Hi (m/c mentioned)

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Saying Hi (m/c mentioned)

Hi girls!

I'm feeling a bit better about the miscarriage now so figured I'd stop in and say Hi! I hope you are all doing well and some of you must be approaching the 2nd tri, how exciting!!

I'm still spotting a bit but the large part of the m/c is over. I had one really bad/scary day but otherwise it's been like a period. I'm finally looking less pregnant and fit back into regular pants yesterday which was nice. DH thinks I should try to lose some weight which he's probably right, but I'm feeling lazy about it! LOL!

The kids are doing great! Livy's birthday is in just 2 weeks. We are having her party on the 1st so excited about that! Ethan is crazy and driving me nuts so very glad I have more patience (no more hormones).

I keep wondering when/if I'll know if I'm ready to try for another baby or not. For any of you who went through a m/c how long until you felt ready to try again? I wonder if I'm weird for not wanting to try right away?

Anyway - how are all of you? I haven't been lurking on here, so update me! Wink

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glad your feeling better and everything is coming back into place as far as when you feel ready everyone is different and i wanted to start right away, i did wait 3 months like the dr suggested which i wish i didnt since it took me another 10 cycles to get pregnant. hopefully it will all come to you and you can make a decision if you want another one or not .

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Welcome sweetie! Glad to see you stopping by.

After my mc I waited 2 cycles to get pregnant, and it worked the first try. I was definitely ready though. Just see how things go and how you feel! It can take a while to be emotionally ready.

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Hi girl! Thanks so much for posting. We still love to chat with you!!!

I'm glad to hear that your body so going back to normal and that you're starting to heal emotionally. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving weekend planned. Smile

Everything is good with me I guess...going for my CVS next week and still hoping to stay 'in the closet' for another 4 weeks. I'm pretty sure that's not happening. LOL.

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Hi Mel! Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. I say it's totally an individual thing as to when and how soon someone would want to start trying again. And totally up to you! Happy birthday to your daughter!

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Hi Mel :wavehello: Glad things are getting back to normal for you. I agree with PP that it is very individual regarding when/if you will feel emotionally ready to try again. After both of mine I wanted to try right away but I've seen many say they felt more like you and I think it is totally normal. You'll know when you are ready again and it'll be the right time whenever that is...don't rush yourself if it's not what you want. Being PAL is hardenough when youre ready for it so I can't imagne if you're not.

Hope Livy's upcoming birthday celebration is just as fun as you have planned it to be. I'm sure it'll be great! Smile

AFM, so far so good. I'll be 10 weeks on Sunday and have an appointment with U/S on Monday. I'm a little nervous, just because of past experience but I'm still hopeful all is well. I think I'll finally be able to relax if it's a good report on Monday.

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Thanks for checking in Mel! Glad to see you are starting to feel a little better About things and that you are starting to heal. When I had my m/c we started trying the next cycle and now we have my beautiful DD because of it. I remember many people thought we were crazy for going right back into it. But, it was what felt right for us. So, do what feels right for you and when you are ready, you will know!

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I am so glad you are starting to feel better.

As for me I am on bed rest, so could be better BUT baby is doing fine so far!

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So glad to hear you are feeling better and it is nice to have you here chatting!! I hope you and your husband are able to come to a decision that works for you guys soon Smile