Saylor hates the carseat again

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Saylor hates the carseat again

She screams from the moment I start the engine to when I take her out. Poor DS is sitting next to her and says he wants to trade in our baby for one that doesn't cry, lmao.

We have an activity bar and that helped for awhile, but now she could care less. The pacifier doesn't work and I even tried blasting white noise in the car. Sometimes that does help, but its a 50/50 chance.

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UGH! That sucks! Can she see outside? If M isn't tired he cries when I have his sun shade down and he can't see outside! LOL. I've heard some babies seriously hate the bucket seats but do fine once they're moved into a rear facing convertible seat. Maybe she'll be one of those?

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Ethan has never liked the carseat. He still screams the whole way everywhere we go. Yeah. Fun.

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We switched to the convertible bevause it made more sense on our trip. Sometimes he's ok. Sometimes he hates it. I wish I knew the secret to making them like it!