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so the teacher who is due 3 days before me at school told me today that her sis in law (due in between us) had her water break this weekend. SCARY! I couldnt imagine. She said she lost about a pint of fluid and she's on bedrest (If I remember right) but I couldnt imagine! theres so many times that the 4 or so months left seem like forever and at the very same time if they go by as quick as this month did...... it'll be here before we know it! SOOOO much to do. I am determined to get my schoolwork in order so that I can spend nights/weekends doing HOUSEWORK. we have got to find the baby's room before June!

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Yes, it's pretty scary being pregnant. Anything bad can happen at any time. Our trip is in just over 2 weeks and I'm starting to worry we'll have to cancel if anything bad happens between now and then.

I hope that woman can keep baby inside a bit longer. My friend managed to keep her daughter in 3 whole weeks after she had a tear and lost some fluid.

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SO scary. My pregnancies always go so smoothly that I think I take it for granted that things will be fine for me. But something can go wrong at any moment!

I think I like living in my "ignorance is bliss" reality Wink

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O wow. Is she in the hospital? Is everything ok?

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I'm very blessed to not have had it happen too early but both pregnancies that progressed I went into labor with my water breaking. With my first it was at 33 wks 1 day and second it was 36 wks 5 days. I anticipate I'll make it close to 37 wks this time or maybe even further but b/c of how my water breaks out of nowhere with no apparent signs of anything happening it always worries me it'll happen too early. I'm also leaking all the time with about zero bladder control so I have this fear my water broke and I don't know it :rolleyes:
I hope your teacher friend's SIL is able to keep baby baking' for a while longer. Bed rest in the hospital for an extended period has got to be super hard but I would prefer that to a micro preemie. So scary!