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    We're pretty selective about tv/movies here. It's the snottiness that bothers me more than anything!!! Why does it seem that most of the little kid cartoons have snotty talk in them?!?! My friend had to ban my little pony from her home because her 4 year old was imitating the snotty talk from the ponies!! She said her dd really improved after she stopped letting her see it.

    Anyway, about the scariness. Is it really so bad that things that are scary do in fact scare her? I think in our culture we have become so desensitized to scary things and violence in general that as adults things that should scare and shock us, don't anymore. Anyway, I wouldn't rush the "desensitization" process. As time goes by she will be able to handle more. Also, a child that is 3 can't separate what is true and what is make believe yet. To her, if she was to see "the sea monster" in The Little Mermaid, she would think it was absolutely real!
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    I agree with others about just waiting on the scary stuff. She'll be able to handle more when she's older, but for now let her be little. My ds was scared of Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan cartoon when he was 3, lol. He had nightmares about her and everything. Now he's almost 9 and would be rather annoyed if he knew I said that!
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    She's pretty young. My daughter couldn't really handle Disney movies until she was closer to five. And we are HUGE Disney fans here so it killed me to wait that long. Toy Story 2 and the original Cars aren't scary... The first Tinkerbell is good I think. Lady and the Tramp.

    For the record, Brave is really scary even though I think it's completely amazing. And the scary part is bears and bears are real so my kids were pretty jumpy with that one.

    When they were little we watched alt Blues Clues. Pretty mild. Now they are obsessed with Phineas and Ferb, but so is my husband!

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