Scored some deals!

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Scored some deals!

Went to a consignment show on Saturday and thought there would be nothing left because it was the last day and almost everything was 50% off.

I found;
*extra Chicco carseat base
*Spa bathtub
*swng (3 motion type)
*lots of dresses
*car seat insert
*Leap Frog toy for DS
*some other misc stuf

for $120!!!!

The swing alone retails of $200.

They are having another one next week in Orlando, so I am going to try to go the first day and check out strollers.

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im going to a big one this saturday!! i hope i find some good deals as well

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Nice!! I went to one last week and didn't find a THING. :thumbsdown:

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WOW! Nice work! Those are some great deals!

I'm hitting some consignment shops on our trip so do some buying (hopefully). I probably won't buy anything too big as I have to bring it back on the plane. That said, even if I pay $20 for an extra bag (box?) on the plane I'll probably be saving money. Most baby stuff is close to 1/2 price in the US when it's new!

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Sweet deals!

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Nice!! I love consignment sales. We have a JBF sale starting this weekend here. I'm going to consign a few items so I can get a pre sale pass for Saturday. I usually have pretty good luck with clothes for the kiddos and am excited to shop for a little girl this time. Smile

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What a great score!! I love sales!!

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I'm going to a big one in two weeks. I'm pumped. I've thought of a few things I regret selling that I'm hoping to find. Smile