Second Appointment (with pics!)

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Second Appointment (with pics!)

My OB let me come in after only 3 weeks since I'll be out of town all next week just to make sure things are okay before I leave the country (going on a cruise). My OB doesn't use the doppler before about 12 weeks so I got to see baby again (and lucky for me, he's all about using the 4D).

HB was 171 and baby was waiving and kicking like crazy. So cute! It's crazy how fast they go from being a bean to a baby. Baby measured 3 days ahead of where it did last time so "unofficially" EDD is June didn't say whether he was officially changing my EDD but that's what I'm going with FTM. This will be my last u/s until the 20-ish week one. Here's our little wiggle monster (sorry they're a little blurry, took pics with my phone):

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love pics!!!

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OMG, I love these pics because my bean is only a couple days behind yours! We likely have matching beans!!!!

I've never had a 3D u/s! SO cool!

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How awesome! I think those are the coolest pictures I've seen! Have a good trip!

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You got some really cute pics of your baby!! Have fun on your cruise! I'm going next month on one!

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aww love the pics

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Those are great pictures!!! Smile

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Those are really awesome pics!!! Im kind of jealous. Haha. Have fun on your cruise knowing that all is well!! Smile

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So sweet!

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Congrats on the cool pics -- have fun and safe travels on the cruise.

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Yay for a great appointment! Those pics are amazing! Smile

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awwwww those are super great pictures!

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Very cool! I've never seen 3d pics of a baby that small! Have a good trip!