Second Blood draw...

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Second Blood draw...

My first HCG was 2381... at 20 dpo

Yesterday at 47 hours later was 4092... at 22 dpo

So, my numbers didn't quite double, but the doubling rate does slow down once the numbers get in the 1000's, so I'm not too concerned and neither in my midwife.

Progesterone was 10.9. She said anything 10 and over is fine.

So... I feel okay about things, and I'm very excited to get my ultrasound next Thursday!!

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Sounds good! Glad all is well!

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whoop whoop for good numbers!!!! I'm feeling so positive over here!

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Glad to hear about the good numbers. Hopefully the bleeding will stop and stay away!

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good news! Smile

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Yes, good numbers. Smile Can't wait to hear the update on your u/s.

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Congrats, Laurie!!!

You make awesome babies, I'm so thrilled for you. Biggrin

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congratulations laurie!!!!!!! HH9M's!!!!!!!!

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Yay!! What great news! I can't wait to hear about your upcoming u/s!

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Oh, you gals from April 08 found me!!!!!! Smile Thanks! I do occasionally still lurk over there....