second update -- miscarriage

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second update -- miscarriage

Well ladies, looks like I'm back to waiting for our rainbow baby. Scan on Friday had minimal growth and heartbeat was gone. I go back Monday to induce the miscarriage. I could really use some thoughts and prayers for our future TTC journey.

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I'm so sorry, Christa. Please keep us posted on your journey. And many prayers for things to go smoothly for you tomorrow.

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I'm so sorry for your loss Christa. I'm sending all my healthy baby vibes your way *hugs*

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I'm so sorry you are going through this again Sad

My sister, in recent years, had 2 back to back losses finally followed by a healthy pregnancy. She is currently expecting their second child in August. I've also had 2 losses but I had a successful pregnancy in between the 2. It's really upsetting and confusing after having normal pregnancies resulting in baby at the end to go through a loss and especially two. I pray youre able to find some peace through this and also to go on to have your rainbow baby very soon.

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Thoughts and prayers headed your way.

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:lurk: I'm so so sorry! :bigarmhug: T&P's to you and your family!

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So sorry to hear this. Please keep us updated.

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I'm very sorry Christa! *hugs* T's and P's hoping for a healthy baby in your near future! :bigarmhug:

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Sad so sorry

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Oh Christa... :bighug: I'm sorry

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Im so sorry for your loss

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I'm so sorry for you loss. I will be praying for you and your family. :bigarmhug: