sizing ultrasound results

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sizing ultrasound results

Everything is fine!!!!!!!!


She is in the 55th percentile and fluid level is completely normal. its just fat, lol! I guess the OB can get on me about weight gain at the next appointment since it's not GD or abnormal growth. Not sure there are any worries about my weight gain of 24lbs since BP is great and all the rest of this stuff is fine, is there?

On the charts I am Obese BMI, but if you saw me you would probably think overweight, but not Obese. I'm a freaking size 12/14 before pregnancy. I just can carry weight that puts me at those levels on a chart. When I was 'skinny' (size 4/6 I was at the top end of 'normal/healthy' weight according to the charts.

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Yay for great results. I don't think u have anything to worry about. 24 lbs isn't bad! What's your obs problem. I'm fat and have gained and my ob isn't freaking. And I AM obese. I don't even look average lol, I don't wear my weight well. I know many people who weigh more than they look and are perfectly fine. I hope u don't worry too much because of one obs opinion.

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She's the new OB at the office and I love, love, love the other two. I just think I'm going to make appointments with the other two from now on. Of course, there is a chance she will deliver me, but she just got me so upset at the last appointment. All this talk about my BMI and so much I should or shouldn't gain through the pregnancy. and then worrying me about 'expect to probably not pass your glucose' and 'you might have to have a c-section' if you gain more.

Ok, I get it if I was up 60lbs, but whatever.

I'm just happy she's healthy and going to shrug off this doctor.

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Yeah u are beautifully pregnant and she can fly a kite lol. I hope u get who you gel with for the rest of the pregnancy and delivery Smile

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I think you look great. I'm up more weight than that! As for the Obese thing? Those charts aren't for pregnant women!

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Even for non-pregnant people, BMI is a load of crock.

I've gained about 30 lbs now, and I still have 6 weeks to go. Yes, I started off small (size 6) but not everyone's "healthy" weight is the same, even with age and height factored in. I say you have nothing to worry about. Some Dr's are all about scare tactics.

Yay for a good U/S!

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BMI is stupid. I'm obese on that chart but I'm a size 10! Even at my skinniest adult weight, when I was fitting in a 6, I was at the very high end of overweight. It's stupid.

24 pounds is not that much. I think you are fine!!!

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I could give a rats butt what the doctor thinks of my weight gain while I am pregnant, this time I am up about 30. And I started out in a size 16. With DS I gained 60+ and doctor didn't say anything over it. Really I think some doctors just like to give people complexes, like you will see them more or pay them more if they come up with petty crap to nit pick you about. If I keep gaining and they start on me about it (which I don't think they will) I will just tell them that at least I'm not doing drugs, or any other equally risky behavior....

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have to agree that BMI is not a great way to prove overweight or obesity. I am obese and look it, however I have friends who are "obese" by BMI and are solid muscle...

My OB was of the opinion if I was eating healthy, baby was healthy and I was healthy my weight did not matter.... I lost 40 lbs while pregnant but my body is weird and I was eating 3000+ cal/day (they were trying to see if the upped calories would make me gain but it didn't), don't stress about one doctor's opinion.