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Thread: Sleep!

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    Default Sleep!

    How much sleep is LO letting you get at night?

    H usually goes down around 9:30-10 these days and sleeps until around 4:00, up about 30 min then down until 6:30 or so. I've been going to bed about 10:30 so as long as the other two don't wake me up (which is about half the time!), I get a good amount of sleep. Now if only my body would quit waking up between 1:00-2:00 every night because I'm starving. Ugh!
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    She sleeps really well from about nine till I start making DHs food for work at 12-1, then is back down until five or so, and cosleeps with me until I am up for the day.

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    It's touch and go, but she does a good 4-5 hour stint. Usually between 11-4am, then I feed her and back down for another few hours

    I go back to work in a week so I'm hoping it continues to be good
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    She varies like last night she had a 8:30 bottle went down and woke up at 1:45am to eat and then again at 4:45 then we co sleeped until almost 10 am
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    Oliver is a rock star sleeper. He goes down by 9 every single night in his Rock n play cradle. He has two sleep patterns and I never know which one we will get. He either wakes at 2, 5 and gets up for the day at 8 or he gets up at 3:30 and then up for the day at 7. He goes straight back to sleep after eating which amazes me because my first two often took hours to get back down (often up so long it was time to eat again). They were both the kind of baby who woke back up the second you laid them down. Oliver is not, thank god!!!!
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    I feed and put Jonah down 9:30-10. He will normally sleep until 7ish. Sometimes he will wake up around 5:30 to nurse, but not normally.

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    Ema is down at 9 then nurses at 3:30 then 7. This all depends on dd1 tho, who is a horrid sleeper and currently sick so i havnt slept in 2 days. Dd1 wakes ema up and then she only nurses one side so up every hr from 5 to 8 to nurse then we come down 8 or 9 when dd1 is up for the day ugh! Never considered being up more with dd1 than dd2 but usually i am
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