Sleeping through the night

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Sleeping through the night

I think I can safely and officially say we are sleeping through the night!

Its bee a solid 4 days of night time around 8pm, stirs at 1-2am but just give her the pacifier, rub her cheek and she is back down till 4am, eats and then another nap.

Today she didn't wake to feed till 6 am!!! We got to sleep in a bit because DS had his 4year old shots and we didn't have to rush out the door at 7am.

I can't believe it. I hope this continues!

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Wow, lucky Mama!

I am still feeding about 5 times a night. LOL. My DS2 did this as well, until he was 6 months, then he started eating only once a night. Hopefully this "every 2 hours" doesn't last too much longer!

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we usually give her a bottle about 10 pm and then shes up about 4 am for another bottle. i like the fact she cut out the 2am feeding

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Oliver still gets up twice a night, but his night sleep is 12-13 hours. Usually 8:30-1:30, 2-6, and 6:30 to 9. It's so much better than my first two!!!

glad you are getting some sleep! I can't imagine getting up at night and having to be at work every morning. I honestly don't know how you do it!

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9-4 here usually then to 8. But now no swaddle means 10 to 2 then 4 then 7/8 Sad o well

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LOL, sleeping through the night? You're SO funny!

We normally put M down around 7, then I feed him before I go to sleep around 11pm. He WAS only getting up once a night but now he's up twice. UGH. DD gets up at 6:45 am so it sucks when he wakes at 6am and I JUST get back to sleep when DD comes in. Luckily DD will watch TV in bed with us so we sometimes get 30-45 mins of lounge time with her in there.

We still have M in a bassinet in our room so it's easy to feed him. DH has been getting up to burp him after I feed him. We were changing his cloth diaper every time he got up but since getting home from camping last week we've been doing a disposable at night so we can be lazy and not change him. LOL. Totally against what I stand for but whatever.

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Last night she needed cuddling to go back to sleep and then woke up at 5am for a feeding, more giggles and cuddles and back down for another nap while I got DS and myself ready for the day.

Honestly, I am getting much more done being back at work. It forces me to be organized and efficient, lo