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Thread: It...smells.

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    With my last couple pregnancies I have definitely noticed an increase in under arm wetness. Thankfully it's not summer this time. I seriously would have massive wet circles under all my shirts last time, and even feel dripping. This time it hasn't been as bad... because I have bulkier clothing and it's not as hot out. It doesn't really smell bad thanks to applying a good deodorant twice daily, but yikes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by elleon17 View Post
    I wouldn't even know if I had those. I haven't seen down there in 2 months, lol!! It could be blue for all I know.
    Oh you could feel it! One side was like twice the size of the other and it was so sore! I couldn't see it, but DH said it looked like it was bruised all the time and really gross looking!
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    For me it's the smell and burping. I smell of cm and blood, even tho i bathe daily. It bugs me more than anyone, and the burping everyone has noticed lol. O well, o and I do have bladder issues too, but I wear monster pads always anyway.
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