So disturbing!

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So disturbing!

I happened across images of awkward baby shower cakes while looking at some baby items online. I really do not know why someone would even create a cake like this. I'm going to try to share a link...there are plenty of terrible cakes but the particular one I was left in disturbing awe of is the newborn with fresh cut cord and the bluish accents so hopefully that comes up first with the link.

Deliciously Awkward Baby Shower Cakes

All I can say is Yikes!

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ewww. i couldn't eat either that showed up! there is no way im cutting into something so lifelike as that newborn.

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I'm unsure what to say to those, lol!

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I have no words.

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Definitly weird. That's for sure!

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Those are all pretty terrible. The 'blue' baby is so vile. I'd never eat it!!! The least bad is the belly one that is lilac coloured (#7) but they are all odd.

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"desertdaisy" wrote:


LOL, could you imagine attending a shower and seeing something like this? I'm with Kia, I would loose my appetite! No cake for me :eek:

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*lurker* that baby one where it looks realistic is in such bad taste.....AHHHHHHH :x

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