So I "think" we may have a name - spelling advice needed.

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So I "think" we may have a name - spelling advice needed.

Madelyn Elizabeth (pronounced with a "Lynn" at the end, not "line").

Anyway, that is the "correct" way to spell it, but I think I like Madelynne better??? Maybe??? Or it could also be Madelyne or Madelynn.

So what do you like best???


What do you think the chances are that people will pronounce it with Lynn at the end instead of line?

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I said Lynn at the end. I like the traditional spelling. As a teacher, why make her add all of the those extra letters? Wink

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I'm a fan of lyn, tho I may be byas because I'm using emaLYN

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I think Madelyn or Madelynn.

As far as pronunciation, thats a crap shoot. My name is Noelle and teachers would call me Nicole ALL THE TIME. Not even close to it!

I think people pronounce the way the know the name the most. All you can do is help them out or give up, lol!

I actually pronounce Madeline as they way you want, without the 'line' but with a 'lyn'. I love that name!

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I think two n's makes it clear how to pronounce it.

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I think they all would by 'lynn' except 'Madelyne'. That one looks like 'line' to me. That said, I know French and the 'line' version is more French I think!

Elizabeth is a middle name I sort of liked too, but for no real reason. It just sounded good with Cora.

YAY for finding a name. We don't have a girl middle name yet but I'm not worried. We'll find something.

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Love it! I prefer the simpler spellings. Madelyn or Madelynn. Madelyne would get pronounced with a "line" sound.

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I agree, Madelynn Smile I pronounced it "lynn" also. I also think the less letters, the better. I like short names though.. gives my children less to try to learn in Pre-K.. or not less.. but easier name anyway.

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"nidia" wrote:

I like short names though.. gives my children less to try to learn in Pre-K.. or not less.. but easier name anyway.

I honestly NEVER thought about that when picking Kennedy's name! Now that she's starting to learn words, I feel sort of badly about how long her name is. That said, she can recognize her name already and knows how to say the letters to spell it. She sometimes gets it wrong, but she's moving in the right direction. She can't write letters yet so that will be a while. LOL

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Yeah, I feel bad for my #3 - Both DD and DS1 can spell and write their own names, and each others names: Ella and Eli. My DD is trying to learn to spell Emerson's name....too many letters to keep track of!

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I like Madelyn the best too. I can tell the way you want it pronounced that way. And I think it looks beautiful too Wink Nice choice!

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LOL, ya. At least Kennedy has some repeated letters!

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Personally I like the way you spelled it originally (Madelyn) because I pronounced the way you described spelled that way & I'm sort of a "fewest letters is best" thinker since she'll likely have to spell it anyway. We struggled how to spell my DD's name and ended up going with the fewest letters possible within reason.

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I agree with most of the others that Madelyn is the best spelling. When I saw the name I thought Madelyn instead of Madeline, some people may screw it up over the years, for the most part, I think most people would get it right. It is a cute, girly name!

Neither of my kids have very long names. DD has only 3 letters, and has been writing her name since she was about 3 1/2. The letters in her name are so easy to write! DS is a little harder and it did take him longer to learn to learn to learn to spell and write it.

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I like Madelyn!

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Thanks everyone! Very helpful. Smile If we for sure go with Madelyn - I will spell it the "common" way then. I am conscious of how names are spelled. My poor little Sophie has problems. I don't teach my kids the names of letters until they are reading well - so they only know them by the most common sounds they make instead. So, when Sophie first started writing her name she would always write Sofe, because she would sound it out! She's better now, but that "ph" combo still sometimes messes her up! She knows that it's suppose to be the "f" sound, but she can't always remember what comes first, the p or the h.

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Yeah, ph is a tough combo when you are learning. Such a pretty name though Smile

I'm in the Madelyn camp too and also read it as lynn sound initially.

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Wow, I never even thought about how confusing the ph sound would be when learning. It completely makes sense though! Poor Sophie!