so long, ladies

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so long, ladies

My temps started to drop and I've begun spotting, so unfortunately I won't be able to stay here. Sad It looks like such a fun board, too. If I end up in July I might come back and hang out occasionally.

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Aweeee! Sad I'm sorry. I really enjoyed chatting with you. Good luck in July.

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good luck in july my dear!!!

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So sorry. Please feel free to lurk / stalk and I'm sending you lots of baby dust and sticky vibes for July

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So sorry you aren't staying. Have fun trying and tons of babydust to you. :bigarmhug:

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I'm sorry dear. Hopefully next cycle is it for you!

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looks like we will always be one month apart Sad

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Sorry this wasn't it for you. Maybe next month wil be it!

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So sorry my friend!

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I was really hoping a last minute BFP would pop up for you! Hopefully AF won't keep you in limbo too long and you can get busy on the next cycle!

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So sorry Sad Hoping you have good luck next month.

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awww, sorry hon! Good luck next month!

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"batbird" wrote:

looks like we will always be one month apart Sad

Oh my goodness! Congrats, Susan! I'll be sending you tons of sticky vibes and keep-that-baby-baking-long-enough vibes. Good luck!