So Wee and Squishy (video)

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So Wee and Squishy (video)

Today is my DD's birthday...I was just going through old videos of her as a baby and I came upon this one...not super exciting for a non parent, but who doesn't love a sleeping baby? I'm so glad I took little clips like this. We can't stop them from growing up, but we can remember who they were when we brought them home! This is what we have to look forward to in a few short months!


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Happy Birthday Kennedy! Smile

That clip is so sweet...I love watching my babies sleep with all those little expressions they make. Some if my sweetest memories are the 2 am feedings with DS1. We had a very tough BFing relationship early on due to his early start and time in the NICU. I would have to get up and take him to the living room so we could sit on the couch to feed. He would fall back to sleep after and I'd sit and hold him until he was asleep enough for us to go lay back down. I loved those moments cuddling him and watching the sleeping smiles and other sweet expressions. Ah, can't wait to have one more. Biggrin

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Happy birthday K! Love the video Smile

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So sweet!

My kids love to watch the videos from when they were babies! Sometimes they will ask to sit and watch them, and they will just laugh at themselves.

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Yes, those moments are so precious. I'm glad I took the time to take a few silly videos here and there. I watched more of her with her last night and she loved it. It's fun to show her what babies are like so she knows what to expect when our baby comes. I showed her one of her laying in the bassinet at the hospital. SO tiny.

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Awwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Kennedy!

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Happy third birthday Kennedy!! Smile Did you do anything special to celebrate? I hope you all had a great day.

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Yesterday morning we did presents at home then banana & chocolate chip pancakes. That's a big treat. Then she had her friend's birthday party over lunch hour at a local indoor play place. They share a birthday so we staggered the parties. Then last night we had a family dinner at a chinese food restaurant. Today was her kid party at our house. We invited 17 toddlers and their siblings. I think we had about 13-14 plus 4 babies on the outside. There were also 4 babies on the inside (including twins). Plus parents. It was a busy time in here! Fun though! The kids loved it. We brought her mini trampoline and playhouse in from outside and set up her pool full of balls (ball pit). I also painted a large cardboard box for a play house. Ya, so fun! The kids had a blast!