I ended up with an extra day of DTD because of conflicting info and confusion with my OPK. But it's also said to work really well after loss for getting pregnant as well.

From Sperm Meets Egg Plan | www.twoweekwait.com

Sperm Meets Egg Plan Crash Course:
Buy 10 OPK tests PRIOR to cycle day 10 (I recommend the ovulation test strips at Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com, as they’re affordable and easy to use/interpret.)

Starting on cycle day 10, do one OPK test EVERY DAY (In case you don’t know how to use an ovulation test, here are instructions.)
Babydance (BD) EVERY OTHER DAY starting on cycle day 10 (Elevate those hips for 10 - 30 minutes after each BD session.)

When you get a positive OPK, babydance that day and the next 2 days in a row (so 3 days in a row total) (I know – feels like your honeymoon all over again!)

Skip one night and babydance once more the next day (Just when you thought it was over!)

Take a home pregnancy test (HPT) 15 days after the day you ovulated (Again, I’d recommend these pregnancy test strips at Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com.)