someone got a bfp! (not me..)!!!! question included.

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someone got a bfp! (not me..)!!!! question included.

I receieved a text from my cousin today and I got really excited when it was a "multimedia message" I KNEW it had to be a preg test! so sure enough I checked it and there is a BFP! (actually a plain as day "Pregnant"!) I am so excited for her. This is her first and they started trying before DH and I did (for number 2) Had it been anyone else I'd have been upset that I didnt get mine this month.. I guess its the whole trying at the same time thing! SO she sent me another message and asked when is the right time to tell? So silly me has NO clue? I dont remember and I know we told at Christmas because it was just good tiiming. can't remember if we told early or late?

SOOO before she calls me later. What is a "good" time to tell? DH and I had planned on telling sooner with this one (again depending on timing) because it's not our first and there's no need to keep it a secret (at least to family tell) it would be really cool if I got preg this cycle and we could tell our family TOGETHER! (high hopes on my part I know)

SO when should she tell? 12 weeks sticks in my mind for some reason but Im not sure why?

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I hear of a lot of people waiting until 12 weeks because it is the end of the first trimester, lower risk of loosing the pregnancy and what not.

I told my family after I got back Planned Parenthood (the abortion I backed out of), because I figured if I told more people it would lessen the risk of me changing my mind and going back. That was at 7 (supposedly weeks I think I was closer to 9 or so). I will be telling my little sister right after I get a BFP, cause she is my bestie and I have guilted her into testing the same day (she is highly irregular with her period and was on at the same time as me in august and hasnt gotten it this month, so I have my fingers crossed for her, she has given up pretty much and doesnt want any more BFN's they have been not preventing for five years....)

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I hope you and your sis get them at hte same time!

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:lurk: I feel like I've gotten pregnant and had bad news that I just tell people immediately when I find out. I need support LOL

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I will tell DH first....right away. Mom and sister, within the week. Like full on facebook announcement etc...11/12 weeks prolly

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I would say 12 weeks. Once the first tri is over. We had the genetic testing so we told when we got those results back...which was closer to 14 weeks I think.

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Well DH will know right away. Then I tell my Mom, SIL, and BFF bc she is pregnant now too. THen everyone else waits til i am 12 weeks or more.

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DH immediately, a couple close friends and immediate family within days to weeks depending on when we see them in person. Work - either at 12-14 weeks and only earlier if you are showing and it's obvious. For other friends, right before FB announcement and FB announcement between 14 and 20 weeks.

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most of my work will know right away.. the team I am on knows we are trying. I will also have to have coverage for potty breaks.. or if it is like last time.. puke breaks... I talked to my cousin tonight and she doesnt think she can keep the secret. so I told her its totally up to her when she tells...and that she can tell her mom sooner if she wants and save everyone else til later.

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right! it's totally up the the person. We told pretty much everyone right away because it was our first and we were excited. This time I will wait longer to tell work and non family

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I'll be telling family right away. We've usually told between around 5 weeks because I get hyperemesis, so it's hard to hide it. We'll tell friendds, other family, and the kids after we have a good u/s.

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With our first we waited until 11 weeks, because it was Thanksgiving and all the family was gathered. With our second we told at 14 weeks, simply because it was getting obvious (I would have waited longer if I could have), and with this one I would like to wait until Christmas (unlikely, though) so we may share at Thanksgiving again. We shall see though...

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I told close family right away, and my immediate boss at the time. Everyone else was at around 10 weeks when we had a good doc appt and saw/heard the heartbeat.

More and more people are telling earlier and earlier, but it's a personal choice.