Someone remind me ...

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Someone remind me ...

I know we JUST had this discussion, but I'm feeling paranoid the past couple of days. It's ok I haven't felt movement yet, right? I felt my other three by now! My morning sickness has disappeared, I haven't had heart burn, and I'm just not feeling pregnant right now. I'm trying motto worry, but, yeah, I'm failing. Still haven't gotten a Doppler either because DH didn't get many hours over the holidays and we are somewhat tight at the moment, $ wise.

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I didn't feel any til 16w5d. IMO, it's still early. And you are at the exact right time for m/s to disappear. And I'm sooooo happy for you that m/s has gone since I know you had it so bad!

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I have not felt anything yet. I found my DS's baby book and did nto feel anything with him until 18 weeks. I worry to so you arent alone in that, but it is normal to not feel anythign yet.

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My 5th I felt the latest of all... not until 18 weeks. All my others I have felt right around 17 weeks, and one just before 16 weeks. This one I started feeling at 17 weeks on the dot. You are still early!!

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Thanks ladies!
Adina, I am thankful not to be getting sick, but I also took comfort in it. Weird, huh?
Laurie, that makes me feel better. It just seems like #4 shouldn't be later than all the others, but I guess it's possible!
Patience, I hope we both feel those nudges very soon!!

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You are still early! The earliest that I have felt movement with any of mine was 16 weeks. Although this is my third I think I have felt it the latest. I also haven't felt this one as often. I think this baby is not as active as my other were. This baby seems to like to burrow up and hide out. Every time the Dr. tries to find him with the Doppler, he has to search for him. And the ultrasounds have been the same, he likes to hide and not move! I think all babies are different.

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I agree, it's still really early for you! I didn't feel DD until 18 weeks. This baby was earlier...but with DD my placenta was in the front so I think that's why I felt her so late.

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Sorry you are worried. :bigarmhug: I haven't for sure felt this one yet either...although just today I'm started to have some maybe movements. I'm pretty sure I felt DS2 around 15ish weeks but it was only just a little and then went for a while without really feeling anything. It can be so different each time. Hope the next few weeks go quickly and you start feeling your little one move. I know I can't wait to get to the point where I can feel baby throughout the day and have that tangible reassurance.

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havent felt anything yet, im just a couple of days behind you, hopefully you can get a doppler soon it does make you feel better

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Still really early! I started feeling this one around a week ago at 19 weeks.

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Thank y'all!! I don't know why I'm so paranoid this time, but y'all have made me feel better.

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I didn't feel baby move until 18 weeks this time, and with my last 2 it wasn't until 20 weeks. Couple more weeks and you should be feeling babay move, so exciting!!!