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Anyone suffer from SPD?

Mine just started up this past weekend. I guess I need to stop climbing over the baby gate. Also pushing shopping carts full of groceries and kids through snowy parking lots yesterday didn't help. My pubic bone is just KILLING me now.

I dealt with pubic bone pain through pregnancy #3 but thankfully it went away after birth. Here's to getting through the next 18ish weeks without TOO much pain! I suppose since I don't get morning sickness at all, this is only fair Wink

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Weird! The first I heard of this was last week. A FB friend of mine posted that she hated having her pubic pain. That must be terrible for you Sandra. Sad

I stepped over the baby gate (for DSD) a couple times this weekend and wondered how much I'm going to hurt after that. Sad

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I'm sorry u hurt. I've never heard of it b4. I'll have to look it up. I step over baby gates a lot at my in laws and its hard. No pain tho. They block Their dogs and cats.

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Boo!! I've never really had problems with it other than at the very end with my DS. Sorry you're in pain, I've heard that can be pretty flippin' miserable! *hugs* I have really bad round ligament pain if that makes you feel any better. Haven't been able to jog in 2 weeks now and I was able to with my 2nd until 37 weeks!

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Ouch! I had never heard of that before. I hope it subsides for you.

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I never had it with my first two. I guess my pelvic area just goes UBER relaxed these days with the pregnancy hormones lately.

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I saw this and wanted to share a video with you. My bff is a doula/RMT and is specialized in prenatal care. She has an instructional video that shows how you can do exercises yourself to alleviate the pain from SPD. Hope it helps!

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I had never heard of it before. Doesn't sound too fun Sad Sorry you are having to deal with that.

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Lurking...yes I have it! It started around 22 weeks. Its been very painful. My midwife is having me wear a support belt, which does help, but doesn't make it completely go away. My abdomen burns, my hips hurt and lately I've been having pain in my inner thigh area. The worst is putting pants on, forget boots. I'm only wearing slip on shoes from now on. I'm thinking of seeing a chiropractor soon.

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Oh man, YES!! I had no idea that's what it was, but it really hurts!! Right now it's ok, but later on it'll hurt so bad I don't want to walk at all.